Get Your Home Party-Ready in 3 Steps

Created by: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

There isn't always time to do a thorough cleaning when guests are on the way, so these tips can help make your home look tidy quickly!

1. Focus on the entryway and the rooms they'll see first, shaking out the welcome mat and dusting the console in the entryway. Sweep the floors, making sure to clear any gathered dust under sofa and chair legs.

2. Add shimmer and shine with a polished silver bowl, vase, or candle holder to the coffee table, mantel, or a side table. It'll make everything look shiny and new!

3. Since your guests may stop in the bathroom, take a moment to wipe down the sink and counter, close the shower curtain, get out the colorful guest towels, and place a flower from the garden in a small vase on the vanity.

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